Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trial fit of the outboard

I first trimmed some edges of the rudder bracket and than placed it in front of the heater to bake it. I then mounted the water pump. Fetske did then come to assist me with the outboard to do a trail fit  on the motor bracket. The motor fits nicely but I have to see how easy it is to put the motor in and out off the water. We must make metal piece to lock the outboard in place when it is in the water. We did leave the motor in place and made the cut out a bit bigger. I then grind some foam away and filled it with putty. The post for the remote tiller gets shape as well, I made some bearings out of the UMPH plates. After the lunch we went to Thrill Seeker again to do the final anti-fouling. When we did get back I did some trimming of the rudder bracket and started with a cut out for the rudder.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Last step of laminating the rudder bracket

Yesterday I sanded the bracket and cut all the necessary carbon piece to finish the rudder bracket.
In the afternoon we went to Thrill Seeker to put some anti-fouling on it but we did not have enough so today we finish it. This morning I laminated the bracket with the final pieces. When that is done we can cut some pieces out to mount it to the back and we than have make a arm for the remote tiller.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Filled the frond of the rudder bracket

We started with filling the front of the bracket with some foam and HD putty. We first put some layers carbon in the top section and we than glued in the middle section some foam. The top and bottom sections were filled with HD putty of aerosil and glass fiber snipers. Fetske did do the motor bracket with another layer of DD paint and I grained a piece of the porthole rime from the toilet away so it could fit. When I did take look at the rudder bracket I saw that the epoxy was getting to hot on the top part. After some cooling the rest was under control. I also cut the rudder post for under the traveler. After the lunch I drilled the holes for the motor start key and filled the edges with putty. I glued with the rest of the putty a glass fiber plate in place what will be used for mounting the water pump. We then went to Thrill Seeker to take a look what we had to do before we can get her to the water next week. The only thing we have to do is put some anti-fouling on her. We also measured how high it was on the trailer because I had the idea that our new trailer for Thriller was higher but in fact it is lower so I can fix the cradle to the trailer if the weather gets better. I forgot to take some picture so I went back to the shed to take some. and grinned some HD putty and foam away on the rudder bracket, the damages is not that big and I have to grind away some more.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

painted the motor bracket

Today I had not so much time because our parents did come to visit and we were going to a restaurant to get a brunch. In the morning  I still did kit the inner window port hole rims in place and replaced some screws of the sliding plates what were to long for shorter ones. On the end of the day after the F1 grand prix I went to the shed again to paint the motor bracket a nice color orange. I also took a picture of the tube under the cockpit seats for the throttle cables of the motor what I place yesterday. The cables now stays out of the way of the entrance of that space. The video I made is not that good but gives a impression of the state of the project.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

glued the rudder bracket tube in place

I started the day with drilling holes for the motor mount to fit on the rail, this did take some time because the tolerance for the holes is small. When that was done I started with the remote rudder post, I make this out of a 40 mm PVC tube with carbon around it. In this tube fits a 32 mm PVC tube and in this on fits a 25 mm steel tube. The post fill be fitted under the traveler. After the lunch I started with the bailers for the water ballast tank, I had to modify one because that one will be fitted the other way around to fill the tank. I drilled the valve away. I drilled the holes to the outside and counter sunk them on the outside. Then Fetske did arrive with some stuff from Farrier marine, I had order some tubes and bushes. We first did a tea break and I then glued the tube in place, Fetske had to do some shopping and would return with some winches for on the cabin roof. In the meantime I did some clear coated epoxy in the water ballast tank. When Fetske did arrive with the winches we mounted them with some Sikaflex. I later came to the conclusion that the bolts were a bit to long so they have to be shorted later. Fetske did some cleanup of the shed because our parents come to visit tomorrow and it is always better working in a clean space.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Placed the motor bracket rail

I first cleaned the edges of the motor bracket and then drilled the holes for on the sleds. I drilled the holes over sized and filled them with putty and glued a glass fiber strip on both sides. The I drilled the holes again for the rail. Last time I filled them with some putty. In the afternoon Fetske did come to help me with fixing the screws in the rail and glide strips, Fetske screwed them will I was on the inside holding the nuts. We did the same with the organizers and they are now finish, another check in the box.