Sunday, July 16, 2017

primed the floats white

Yesterday we put some filler on the sides to fill the scratches, low spots and pinholes. We did this in two stages, in the morning one side off both floats and in the afternoon the other sides. Today I started with sanding the sides smooth, this took me the hole morning. After watching the F1 grand prix we primed the floats white. The deck is the only part what have to be done but the foil case does need some extra layers carbon and when that is done we can finish the deck. The vacation is over so the progress slows down.

Friday, July 14, 2017

glued the foil sliders in place

I started with sanding the primer to see the low spots even better. In the afternoon I measured the foil sliders how they did fit and they were perfectly made by Nico. I then drilled some holes to hold the sliders temporary with screw in place. I now put some putty under the slides and screwed them to the deck. While I was doing that Fetske did get some filler because our blue filler was almost gone. This time we have a pink filler what is more for small spots and dries faster and can be sanded after three hours. When Fetske arrived we first had a tea break, As lat job we now could try the pink filler on the low spots.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Painted grey

This morning I started sanding with the air pressure sander of Gary, this one has a long sole and big sanding strike. This helped a lot to get it smooth but after a while you don't see all the spots so good any more so I put a grey primer on it to help me see the low's better. In the afternoon I went to Nico to pick-up my foil sliders. These can be glued on deck tomorrow. On the way back we also picked up a pull pit and a mast support what were made by Stainless products.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Filling the low spots

I stated with sanding in the morning and in the afternoon Fetske started with filling the low spots while I was sanding the other float. When that was done I started helping Fetske with filling low spots.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Blue again

Today and yesterday we put some blue filler on the floats. This morning I first sanded the filler of yesterday before we put the filler on the other side. Tonight I went to my sail maker Arjen Kooij to decide how the main must look and were the reefs will be positioned. This was necessary for the mast builder Axxon so that they can put some extra carbon on the reef points were the headboard stops.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

long boarding agian

We first started with unpacking the trampoline tubes and they really looked nice. I then started with long boarding again on the floats this time. This is always a workout, in the morning I did one and a quarter half of the floats and my T-shirt was completely wet. After watching the F1 grand prix my arms did get some necessary rest. I then did the final part of the other float with a new dry shirt. Fetske cleaned the shed and helped me with turning the float. On the end I put some blue fill on the bow to see how long it takes to harden for sanding.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

put some carbon on the trampoline tubes

In the morning we started with cleaning the tubes from sharp edges from the putty. Then Fetske did cut the carbon and the other stuff. I put the tacky tape on the floats and the vacuum bag on the topside already in place. I then put another layer of glass putty on the sides of the tube but this time I could better make a nice clean rounding. We let the putty harden till after the F1 qualifying, it was still a bit sticky when we came back. We put two layers of 300 gr carbon biaxial over the tubes and put some vacuum on the bag.