Friday, November 17, 2017

Finished the lines for the water ballast

I started with some sanding of the stair step and the swim ladder supports. I then finished lines for the water ballast bailers. They work good and I only want to put a piece of eva foam over holes on the deck so seal it of. I have to make a tube on the deck so the air and the water can escape when it over flows. I then put some filler on the swim ladder supports. After lunch I drilled the holes in the supports and mounted the ladder tempory. The filler was not hard enough to sand it nice, so that have to wait till tomorrow. I the did take a look how to make a dodger and spent some time on it. On the end I clued some carpet in the front of the rudder case, the sides will be done later.

Monday, November 13, 2017

laminated the swim ladder supports

I started with sanding of the supports and routed the edges round. Then I sanded the interior step and gave it a layer filler. As last job for the morning I started with the lines for the water ballast tank. I could only make two line because I did ran out of line, but they work ok. In the afternoon I took the epoxy and some carbon to the shed to laminated the the swim ladder support. I then locust on the genaker pole, I made the pole I had a little shorted because in that piece I cut away were some cracks.
It is still 240 cm and long enough. The coming days I  am on the stand of Colligo Marine on the METS so not so much building.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

fitting the retaining brackets

Yesterday I did some small with Rob, like shortening bolts what were a little to long, gluing another swim step mount and as last thing we drilled the holes for the retaining brackets. It is a small job but it takes a lot of time to get it right. We also place another shorter genaker mount. To day I drilled some over sized hole to bold the swim ladder bolt's in and I drilled the holes for the retaining strips in the main hull. After lunch I laminated the step again. With the extra panel it was already much stiffer so it should no problem anymore.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Trial fitting the cushions

I started with sanding the remote tiller tube for the last paint job and then demount-ed the mast-foot base. Two hole were to small and have to drilled out but den the anodizing is away and have to be redone. With the multi tool and a flat blade it went quiet easy from the deck. I then did take a look at the beam retaining brackets how I going to fix them to the beams and the main hull. In the afternoon I glued one of the two swim ladder supports. Fetske did get the cushions from the shop to trial fit before they will be covered with fabric. She brings the cushions tomorrow back to the shop to finish. On the end of the day I painted  the remote tiller tube and the nose were the genaker boom will be fixed. I then went home and put a extra support web under the step for entering the cabin, this was a little to weak.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Finished beam mount bolts

I started with gluing some glass fiber tubes for the genaker boom connection, when this is dry I can sand the excessive glass fiber away. I than started with cutting some scrap foam panels to make a support for the swim ladder and glued them together. In the afternoon we glued the flagpole post on the back and glued the stainless rings on the beam were the bold's go threw. As last job we did cut on support for the swim ladder to shape, on the other one we had to glue some more foam.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Genaker boom attachement

In the morning we did bring the molds for the cushions away and did some other not boat things.
In the afternoon I first glued the last plastic slider plate on the beam and then looked at the swim ladder how to mount it. I have decided to glue some pieces of foam together were the ladder will be mounted so it can swing down. After cutting some foam pieces I took with me I ran out of foam.
I then did gave some attention to the genaker boom attachment, the hole for the boom was to close to the pulpit so the boom hit it when we swing it to the side. First I thought to lower the pin, you can see the cut but then I realized that I could be done way easier to make a small cut in the upper part for the pulpit. I only now have to glue some smaller glass fiber tubes in it, what will be done tomorrow.

Friday, November 3, 2017

wrestling with a python in the bedroom

I started the day with sanding the remote tiller so I can give it a primer (no pictures) and I than glued my last compression pad on the beam. This one was a problem in the beginning and did come of the beam when we folded the beam down because lack of space. I than started with the water inlet hose in the bedroom. The hose is was not easy to get threw the holes and was a little bit of a struggle but in the end I did win 💦. In the afternoon I glued the eva floor under the cockpit floor space. This gives the floor some protection for stuff we we put under and it helps also to keep it in place. After the tea brake we painted the remote tiller and did some tuts up on some space were the paint was damaged.