Sunday, October 15, 2017

fitting the compression pad shims

Yesterday we had other things to do so no progress from that day. Today we cleaned some excessive glue from Friday and I made the compression pad shims fit and installed them, Fetske did some paint around the beams on the floats and I made some U-bolts to length for the entrance lock.

Friday, October 13, 2017

glued the beam struts to the main hull

In the morning I did cut some compression shims what will be later used on the compression pads.
In the afternoon Fetske and I glued the beam struts to the main hull, we had first the plan to do half of the struts but it went quicker than expected so we did them all.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Compression pads

Friday morning I sanded the beam ends a little and gave them another layer of paint. In the afternoon I went to the south of the country for doing the Antwerp race with Jan from the Trinamiet. This race was on Saturday morning so we went the day before and sleep at his home. We had to get up early in the morning because we had to pass a lock and to make the boat ready. At the other end of the lock Paul was already waiting to get on board to. We had a good race with lots of wind and we did 4 hours and 49 seconds over the course. After the finish we sailed directly back. To a harbor halfway the course. We arrived at half past eight and we then did have some dinner. We did leave Jan and his wife at the boat and we went back home. When we did get home it was already past midnight and I was really very tired of the long day and intense sailing. Today we did not get up that early, my body had a bit mussel pain, I was not used to racing anymore, hope to do some more next year. In the morning I glued some bolts in the beam compression pad with some special glue. In the afternoon I made a plate out of some layer glass fiber. These I use to cutout some compression sims for on the compression pads.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

painted the ends of the beams

Friday I did some sanding and put some filler on the the ends of the beams and in the afternoon we took the last stuff out of the old shed so we could deliver the keys and did throwaway some old wood.
Saturday morning we did handover the keys off Thrill Seeker to the new owner and in the later afternoon I did some sanding and put some filler on the the ends of the beams. Sunday my friend Rob did come to help me but we first watch the F1 grand prix. After that we went for a short period to the shed and did some sanding of the beam ends. Before we did leaf for lunch I did put some primer on the beam ends. In the afternoon we started with measuring the dagger board and I did saw that I made a mistake withe the robe channel. The holes in the dagger board for the lines were not in line. After studying the drawings I saw the error I did made and now the channel is 3,6 cm more to the back. I have to re-drill the holes in the dagger board so that they line up again. After the tea break we did sand the primer by hand and as a last job I put some paint on it.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Almost flying

Today we put some filler on the beams of port side and put the trailer in the center of the hall so we could unfold both sides. It looks like a big birth now. On the end of the day we took some more stuff out of the other shed and the end is coming inside of that to.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Last laminates on the port side beams connections

Yesterday we taped the inside of the port side float beam connections and started with cleaning out the other shed because the rent stops the end off the month.
Today we started with bringing some old wood from molds and barrels from the epoxy to the dump. We then laminated the deck side of the float beam connections and put some filler on the starboard side. As last job we took some stuff out of the other shed.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The port side folds too

Today we checked of we could fold the port float without problems and this one fold also very nice and easy. Tomorrow we put the rest of the carbon tape around the beams on the underside off the deck.
We are now both relieved 💑

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

jointed the port side

I did take the afternoon free to clue and tape the port side together. Fetske did help me with it so this was going smooth again. Now it is waiting if this one fold also easy, we think we can try fold it tomorrow.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thrill Seeker has been sold

This morning we had the inspection of the bottom of Thrill Seeker and after that we signed the deal.
The boat stays in the Netherlands.
In the late afternoon we put some carbon on the deck around the beams and that half is now done.
Now we can do the other half but tomorrow we also have to sail with friends in the afternoon.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

It folds

I took some hours free to do some taping under the deck again, this time I did fold the float first. This was a exited moment because I was a little afraid of the aliment but it went flawless smooth. The float toughs the center hull when its completely folded. The out holders for the floats will solve this later that the float will be stopped before it reach the center hull. I can now sleep much better 😌.
In the folded state it was easier to laminated the underside off the deck and did not need a pair off stairs. All the caps around the beams are now filled to. We can now laminated the deck side what is a piece of cake.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

put some carbon tape on the underside of the deck and the beams

I took the afternoon free to put some more carbon tape around the beams. I first started with the horizontal struts on the front beam, this was not so hard to do. But then I started with the tape below the deck and gravity was not on my site. On the place were I could clime in the hull it was all done but in the front and the after beam I could only put one layer on it instead of two. So that has to be done next time. An other big thing was I had no assistant who could give me all the materials and that cost me way more time. I do find this the most unpleasant jobs of the build and it takes much longer than expected.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

jointed the starboard side

Yesterday I had to work in the morning and Rob was coming to help in the afternoon but it all went different, when we arrived in the shed I did get a telephone call that some thing was very wrong and I had to get to work again. Rob and Fetske did prepare the beams and the hull will I was on my work. When I did come back they just finished the preparations and it was to late to glue it together. Today Fetske and did some keyhole surgery. On the photos it looks easy but is a bit of a struggle to bend your arms around the corner threw a small hole and looking in the mirror what you are doing. Fetske did bought a nice led lamp what fits nicely through the holes. The topside and the front horizontal struts still has to be done, maybe I can do them during the week when I take some hours free.